The current situation made me rethink our business model. I had no idea how to carry out this transformation and sought outside help. I found Marta, through an exhaustive analysis she designed and implemented the strategy my business needed.
Currently, we have gained a position within our sector, greater visibility, increased our clients portfolio and most importantly, have a digital presence. Trusting in Marta has been a safe bet for this business transformation.
Her professionalism and a high degree of commitment help you achieve great results.
Marta, you rock!


Before meeting Marta, I felt very stagnant when it came to marketing, my companies were not moving forward. For me, she has been a benchmark and an impeccable mentor as well as an excellent professional. With her, it is very easy to learn because of her empathy and patience. My businesses have notably improved their sales and gladly I have learnt to manage the companies to achieve my objectives and goals.
I highly recommend her without a doubt, she is incredible.
Thank you very much Marta.

CEO- Amate con locura

Marta is one of the most hardworking, efficient, and passionate people I know. We have worked together on various projects and her quality of work is always immaculate - she always puts 100% into everything she does - She's also the kindest, most caring and trustworthy person so it´s always a pleasure to work together with her.


Working with Marta it is a pleasure not just because she is an excellent professional and an expert in the luxury field but because she is proactive and always looking for new challenges. She is super positive, generous and always willing to listen and give her most honest feedback to help you do better. Without a doubt, this makes me trust her so much!


Because we care about our brand, we trust Alex.
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