The Strategist Method

Let's Get You The Route That Will Take You To Success

Are you ready to accelerate your brand strategy to digitally connect with your clients?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the giant digital wave and don’t know where to start? Do you feel stuck and don’t know how to adapt your business to the online era? Your resources are limited and don’t know what strategies are the most suitable for your business?

We have got you! We are here to give you a clear roadmap to achieve results.

Imagine If...
  • You had a clear vision of what to do not just to survive but to thrive in your business
  • You could optimize your resources by turning the right strategies into results
  • You could team up with someone who understands you and provides a clear strategy to follow
  • You could be able to continually adapt your actions to fit the new reality

How Would That Change Your Business Or Brand?

It would enable you to stay ahead of the game and adapted to the new era.
Agile planning and prioritization would be two key factors.

Successful companies will be the ones that make moves early.
Are you going to be left behind?

But Wait A Minute...
What´s inside The Strategist Method?


  • TSM is a 3-month partnership designed to take immediate action on the most critical areas of your business.
  • TSM break down:
    STEP 0: Research the key 6 areas of your business (product, sales, publicity, organization, finance, and marketing). This will give you an overview of the current situation of your business. The assessment will let us identify the most critical areas that are unerperforming.
    Step 1: Defining the strategy based on the prior business assessment.
    Step 2: The strategy implementation. 
    Our team will execute the actions required.
    Step 3: Performance review and analysis of the results. Bi-weekly contact to keep track of the strategy and implementation.
    Step 4: Accelerate your business’ growth. Customized marketing/sales actions to take the business to the next level.

And Listen, We Already Know What You Are Thinking...

“But how do I know they will get the right strategy for me?
“Are three months enough to turn around my business?”
“I don’t trust this method…”

So let me tell you that now you have to stay resilient. You have to challenge yourself and adapt your business to the accelerated digitalization we are facing.

We have tested our method countless times and here is what we know: It Works!

What they are saying...

Before meeting Marta, I felt very stagnant when it came to marketing, my companies were not moving forward.
For me, she has been a benchmark and an impeccable mentor as well as an excellent professional. With her, it is very easy to learn because of her empathy and patience. My businesses have notably improved their sales and I have managed the company to achieve my objectives and goals.
I highly recommend her without a doubt, she is incredible. Thank you very much Marta!

Nela, CEO Amate Con Locura

Nela, CEO Amate Con Locura
The Strategist Method Is
Perfect for you if...
  • You are ready to put in the work to accelerate your business or brand to a whole new level
  • You are open-minded and responsive to rethinking new strategies
  • You excel at what you do and you are just missing a clear route to achieve results 

Does this sound like you? Click below and let’s team up!

We take on a limited amount of clients as we want to assure you receive our undivided attention

What they are saying...

The current situation made me rethink our business model. I had no idea how to carry out this transformation and sought outside help. I found Marta, through an exhaustive analysis she designed and implemented the strategy my business needed.
Currently, we have gained a position within our sector, greater visibility, increased our client portfolio and most importantly, have a digital presence. Trusting in Marta is a safe bet for this transformation.
Her professionalism and a high degree of commitment help you achieve great results!

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Ready To Turn Your Strategy Into Results?

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